Soho Croombe Collar in Cocoa Soho Furrier


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Soho Furrier’s opulent Finnraccoon fur collar is the fullest and thickest its ever been.

The collar will dress up your coat, jacket or cardigan. For a show-stopping look wear over a simple shift dress.

The 100cm long fur collar has been fitted with multiple discreet fabric-covered clips allowing it to be worn in different ways.

The large clip can be used to fasten the collar around your neck at a length to suit you. New for this season, the smaller clips can be used to fasten the collar to an open coat, jacket or cardigan. The collar will stay attached allowing it to move with the coat.

The Ultimate Croombe Collar has been cut to naturally curve around the nape of your neck. The size of the collar means it will fully cover the line of a v-neck jacket or coat. It is secured by fastening a fabric-covered clip.

The 100cm measurement is the length of the collar as it has been cut. This doesn’t include the length of the fur.

Made with Finnraccoon.

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